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At Jigar shah's Counselling our aim to deliver the complete solutions of your problems.
We do not claim to solve your problem completely, but your faith on us Healing and your positive attitude will enable you to solve your problem and will help in your healing.Bringing inspiration through the Magic of Talking and bringing liveliness in everyone’s life.

Motivating and guiding the people on the right path for their health and their life through several therapies and treatments. In a nutshell, creating a possibility of powerful, dynamic and loving for everyone.

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Reiki Therapy
Reiki means Universal Life Energy.
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Mind Management
Bringing positivity, faith, confidence, patience. Read More
Student Counselling
There are many myths on Counseling. Read More


Vastu Shastra
Vastu is knowledge of iconography art. Read More
Artistic Gallery
I had an idea to write a unique story.
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Tarot Reader
Jigar Shah is giving you fantastic fortune. Read More